photo_36Hi! I’m Jerry Forster, The ReptileMan.

I have been collecting reptiles since 1993 and making presentations at birthday parties and schools since 1996. Sharing my exotic pets with children is a joyful part of my life. It is thrilling to see the happiness these exhibits bring to children, their friends, and their parents. Being The ReptileMan is just as cool for me as my other profession, teaching fifth grade.

My wife, Mrs. ReptileMan, shares our home with my pets and has slowly learned to appreciate and even love some of them. She was surprised one day when my largest snake at the time, an albino Burmese python named Stryder, joined her downstairs while she was ironing. I was not at home so she had to carry all 12 feet of him back upstairs by herself and put him in his cage!

I am a married father of four wonderful sons, and this is a true family business. Mrs. ReptileMan helps me before and after a show, and our son Derek, the first reptile lover in the family, assists and does The ReptileMan presentations as well. Two more of my sons, Brandon and Colby, also pitch in as needed.

Book your child’s birthday party today and see why The ReptileMan’s incomparable and exhilarating reptile presentations are always the highlight of your child’s special day! And don’t forget about booking your grand openings, school demonstrations, and other special events! Call The ReptileMan today!

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